What We Are Looking For

Retro Pin Up Girls & Hot Rods, Fun & Flirty images that have the essence of a time since passed. We love to see Bullet Bra’s, Stockings, Big Hair, Diner Girls, Burlesque, Girls with Ink, Cinched Corsets and Retro Locations! If you are thinking of going for the Cover of DD….keep in mind there must be room for the Magazine Logo, and Various Text along the sides of the image. Submissions from Photographers and Models welcome. ​Before submitting, the model and/or photographer must fill out our online release form and send along with your High Res Images via Dropbox or WeTransfer to: deliciousdollsmagazine@yahoo.com Please do not send individual photos via email. You must use a File Sharing Program. We kindly ask that for each photo you send to us, please change the file jpg. name to include Your Name, Photographer and MUAH. Example: 012bf.jpg to RachaelR_SolizImages_MUAH.jpg

Cover Potential?

Think you have cover potential? If you think you have the perfect image for a cover of Delicious Dolls, then just just say so! If you tell us to consider your image for a cover, we will review it for a cover.

Submission Guidelines For Publication

Models or Photographers can submit. Only submit color images. Please submit the following content with your initial submission.

1. Send 5-10 hi res images without logos (Images must be minimum 300 dpi with 2000pixels on shortest side)

2. Please rename all images as indicated below.

model name-photographer name-muah.jpg (if not renamed we will not accept the submission)

3. Include photo release in Dropbox folder. See following link for release.

Model/Photographer Release Form:

Release Form PDF

4. Include model bio in Dropbox folder. This is optional, but we prefer bios to run with main feature spreads.

E-mail all submissions to deliciousdollsmagazine@yahoo.com (OUR DROPBOX NAME IS THE SAME)

We prefer Dropbox as the links do not expire. With Wetransfer, the link expires after a week and a lot of the time, we may miss getting them downloaded in time due to the increased number of sumissions we now receive. WE WILL EVENTUALLY MIGRATE 100% TO DROPBOX. Please feel free to follow up if you do not hear back with us within a week. PLEASE ALSO INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL IN THE DROPBOX MESSAGE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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