Submission for Publication

Models or Photographers can submit. Only submit color images. Please submit the following content with your initial submission.
1. Send 5-10 hi res images without logos (Images must be minimum 300 dpi with 2000pixels on shortest side)
2.  Include short model bio
3. Please rename all images as indicated – model name-photographer name-muah.jpg (if not renamed we will not accept the submission)
4. Include photo release in Dropbox folder. See following link for release.


Model/Photographer Release Form Link:

Release Form

4. Include model bio in Dropbox folder. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. Photo sets submitted without bios will be rejected.

E-mail all submissions to (OUR DROPBOX NAME IS THE SAME)
WE ONLY — USE DROPBOX.  Please feel free to follow up if you do not hear back with us within a week.


Sharing on FB page:

  • Simply post to our wall and if we like the image, we will share it.
  • ONLY COLOR IMAGES WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR SHARING.  There are some lovely b&w images; we just prefer cover images on our page. 🙂
  • We prefer pin-up images to non-pin-up images and prioritize daily themed shots to those that do not meet the theme of the day.
  • Repeat images may not be shared. We prefer new, original images to post to our page.

Official DD Photographer

To apply to be an Official DD Photographer, first Step is to send us 10 of your best hi res, pinup inspired images via Dropbox. Please include your business location, website address and FB page.  If we like the images, the following information then applies.
If we like the quality of the work, we are def interested in working together. We will then invite you to be an official photographer for Delicious Dolls and prioritize your submissions for monthly publication.

Your responsibility is that you commit to submit to Delicious Dolls at least 1 exclusive set a MONTH and agree to post a DD promotional link/video to your site and/or FB page on a monthly basis. All sets submitted must be pinup themed. By exclusive we mean only DD gets the set. In return you can use our name, logos, FB page, and Website to advertise in your business media as an official photographer for Delicious Dolls magazine. In essence you can guarantee your paid clients publication in our magazine if they shoot with you. Some may get full features, some may get published in our Hot Shots or Back Page sections. The goal is that this will drive more paid work your way, and we get exclusive content every month.

We will also set up a gallery on our website for your work to be displayed under our “OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS” section. You need to submit several images, preferably vertical shots, that need to be cropped to 600×800. Please use your studio name along with the models full name as the file name. Example: “soliz images keara darling.jpg” If you have more than 1 image with the same model name add a 2 at the end. Example: “soliz images keara darling 2.jpg”. Please do not use dashes, hyphens, or underscores in between the words.

When performing shoots,  attending events or conducting any business as an official photographer for Delicious Dolls Magazine, we will expect you to conduct yourself to the highest professional and ethical standards.  Our philosophy is simply to act professionally at all times, and treat all people fairly with kindness and dignity.  It’s a reputation we’ve worked hard to establish and maintain and, we believe this is the cornerstone to our success in the industry to date.

You can stop your commitment to this arrangement anytime you wish, just notify us and we will remove your all your information from the official Photographers list. We do not own your images, we only wish to have usage rights. The images will always remain yours.

Thanks For your interest!
DD Team

General Submission Guidelines and Advice For Landing A Cover

Below are just some general guidelines that models and photographers can take into consideration when doing a shoot that would help increase your chances of having photos chosen for publication when submitting to Delicious Dolls magazine.

We prefer bright, vibrant, colorful images with interesting sets and creative poses. If you are just standing in the shot it may not have as strong an impact. So think creative, interesting poses. Highlight the body lines. Think Elvgren pinup, sexy tease.

Always try to nail the wardrobe and props for a great retro feel.

We do also accept modern and alternative pinup shots. Remember to integrate some of the 50’s pinup influences in your modern sets (hair styling, flower in hair, Cuban heel stockings)

We rarely publish B/W photos. We prefer color. So your chances are better if the images are in color. Not to say we won’t publish B/W but they simply don’t pop as much as a color set.

Overly desaturated or “aged” images are not tops on our list. It really has to be done well to keep from losing image clarity. At full page images  sometimes look soft or blurry So we opt not to use them a lot. But if done well, and you are able to maintain the image clarity, you’ve got a great shot.

We receive TONS of fashion shots. That falls outside our core content. BUT…..we do show some flexibility in the content area when doing artist or photographer spotlights. You may sometimes see a spotlight with only fashion or alternative shots.  This is simply because we are highlighting a photographers or artist style.

We will of course on occasion publish shots that are slightly outside our core content criteria. But your chances are definitely better if the set has a pinup essence to it.


Everyone has a chance at a cover with Delicious Dolls, from experienced models to newcomers.  Images must simply be professional quality.  And by professional quality we simply mean well done with a good finished processing. Below are some cover guidelines to follow that help improve your chances of possibly getting on the cover.

1.  Vertical compositions.  We will rarely crop a horizontal composition to make a vertical.

2.  Vibrant colors, interesting poses, perfect wardrobe, great sets.  All these contribute to a great final shot.  The attention is in the details.  Always choose Cuban heel stockings vs. regular stockings, get the pinup hair style going, flower in your hair, etc.

3.  Leave some open area on upper left of the shot for the Delicious Dolls magazine logo. Leave open areas on both vertical sides for text placement.

4.  Minimize extreme color variations on vertical sides.  This makes it harder for us to insert readable text if the color shift is too extreme (black to white)

And our last bit of advice. . . the #1 reason most sets are not selected is plain and simple image quality. Images must be professional quality. Processed images will always take precedent over non processed images. It’s really that simple. We do not turn images down due to the models looks.  We might turn them down if the styling is not pinup inspired enough.  But the main reason is typically image quality.  If we try to print an image at full page size, any quality issues (out of focus, aged processing) are amplified.  The image would then look blurry or “soft”.  Not ideal for a feature spread.

Hope this helps some of you out there to better understand what to focus on when looking to get that perfect shot be it for publication and/or a cover.

When submitting, we highly recommend a follow up email if you don’t hear back from us in 5 days. We try to respond to everyone within 48 hrs. But we get about 900 submission emails a week now. Some will fall through the cracks. So please follow up!  Hope this helps.


DD Team

Release Form