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Keara is a new gal on the pinup scene.  But she’s jumping in with both feet and stirring up the waters!  She’s the official Delicious Dolls promotional model.  She’s got legs for miles and a million dollar smile! Check out her modeling page on Facebook and give her a Like! Check out her Interview below!
What genre of modeling do you do?
Modern Pinup with lots of sexy tease 🙂 I am also a body paint model for events and conventions.
How tall, and what are your measurements?
I’m 5’6” 32-23-34. I’m thin with curves in all the right places!
When did you first get interested in modeling and how long have you been doing it?
I have been interested in modeling since I can remember. It’s been more serious within the last year since teaming up with DD magazine.
Were you inspired by anyone already in the industry?
All the ladies that I have met in the pinup world have been amazing and sweet and gorgeous. They have been so helpful and nice, as I am new to the pinup scene.
What inspired your stage name?
My stage name is my real name. I thought about a pinup name for a while and realized my real name was perfect for pinup!
What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
I’m more of a nerd than a wild girl.
What really makes you laugh?
I’m so corny, I laugh the hardest when it’s completely nerdy!
You can tell a lot about someone from the shows they watch. Tell us your favorite TV Shows?
Big Bang Theory, how I met your mother, Snapped…and I’m very intrigued by true crime shows, first 48, deadly women, etc.
What is your favorite genre of music?
Hip hop or anything that bumps! I’ve got dance skills 🙂
What is one thing we would have never guessed about you?
I’m a Registered Dental Assistant. I’ll work on your smile any day!
How would you best describe your fashion style?
Different. Colorful. Hard to say…I love clothes and never wear the same outfit twice.
Do you cuss like a sailor, or blush like a saint?
Blush like a saint. Like seriously. . . .I’m the sweet girl next door. It’s almost a cliché. . lol
Is modeling a hobby or a career for you?
Modeling has always been my favorite hobby. It’s becoming more of a career recently since teaming up with Delicious Dolls magazine. I love being in front of the camera and I’ve been told I have a million dollar smile. Who knew 🙂
Do you have a dream magazine cover you’d love to be on?
Delicious Dolls Nerd Girl all the way! That’s me defined! Plus the nerd girl set we shot is pretty sexy too 🙂
What’s the best part of a shoot/event?
Best part of an event is meeting new people. Recently, because I’m new to pinup, meeting new fans.
What’s the worst part of a shoot/Event?
When it’s so hot outside, since my hair is purple…so is the sweat on my face. Ha!
How would you define sexy?
Leaving something to the imagination..and being confident.


The Keara Darling Posters are available up to 24″ x 36″. Get yours today!

The Keara Darling Posters are available up to 24″ x 36″. Get yours today!

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