September 2017 Wilhelmina Fera


September 2017 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got the gorgeous Wilhelmina af Fera on this months cover.

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Wow! It’s September already! Where has this year gone! 2017 is on a whirlwind pace for sure. End of Summer is approaching, Fall is in the air and it’s getting cooler and cooler. Definitely prime time for car show season and football! We do love this time of year!
With September, we bring you a memorable issue indeed! Full of sexy modern pinup gals that will definitely warm up those cold winter nights around the corner! We’ve got lots of new faces in this issue too! We love to see the pinup industry continue to grow and nurture these up and coming pinup gals. We love to do our part, so you know if we find them, we’re going to feature them!
This month we have first time DD cover girl Wilhelmina af Fera. She was shot by Sari Sweet Trouble. It’s a cute and definitely sexy soda shop set we know you’re going to love!
We’ve got coverage on the Northern Roundup car show. We’ve also got our second installment of our kinky but fun “Fetish Files” installment. This months theme, “Fun With Rope”. . . . a must read if you ask us 🙂 Thank you as always for supporting us both on social media and through magazine purchases. We do it for you guys, the fans……..Enjoy