September 2017 SE Naughty Housewife Velvet De Collete


Delicious Dolls Magazine September 2017 Special Edition Naughty Housewife Issue is here!  We’ve got the gorgeous Velvet De Collete gracing the cover this month.  This is definitely a must have special edition issue!



My, my, my. . . The Naughty Housewife issue is here. What can we say. . . it’s one of our fave themes so far! We received so many submissions for this one we had to make it a mega issue! This is apparently a pretty popular pinup theme. We can definitely see why!
Each one of these gals exquisitely blends in both naughty and nice in their sets to perfection. And that’s the draw isn’t it? A sweet and innocent gal with a naughty side to her? That’s been every mans weakness since we can remember! Well you’ve got 56 pages of just that delicious delight right here!
This months cover gal nails the naughty housewife look to absolute perfection. Velvet De Collete shows us what a real naughty housewife looks like! She was shot by Bay Glamour photography for her set. Don’t forget to check out our monthly column Pinup Talk to get your perfect recipe for a sexy date night in! So find your favorite chair, grab a cold one, and see what Delicious Dolls has in store for you this month. Enjoy…..