September 2016 Timebomb Tina / Sailor Cherie


September 2016 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got two great covers with Timebomb Tina on our retro cover, and Sailor Cherie on our modern cover.

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Summer’s coming to an end.  And while we have a love/hate relationship with the summer heat, we will surely miss those summer car shows! But we can definitely reminisce about them with images taken during this past Summer!  Temperatures start getting a bit cooler now, and pinup gals are coming out in droves to your local car shows and planning photo shoots!  You know we love that!  Our September issue is full of gorgeous pinup gals from around the world.  With ladies of all sizes, looks, and personalities.  From the stay at home mom who loves to get dolled up for a pinup shoot to pamper herself, to the girl next door, to the professional pinup gals, we have it all for you.  This month’s cover is a first time DD cover girl.  Let me tell you, it’s well deserved!  Timebomb Tina teamed up with Dollhouse Photography for an epic set of images we know you’re going to love!  Our second cover is Sailor Cherie who won the cover for also winning The Blue Ribbon Beer Run pinup contest!  Congrats to her and photographer Andi Loppnow!  Be sure to read our columns this month from Heather Valentine who gives you her picks of her fave 5 pinup gals.  Be sure to check out Belle Presley’s “My Favorite Things” for a run down on pinup must have essentials! And be sure to read our write up on  The Blue Ribbon Beer Run car show event.  Lots of great reading along with the pinup eye candy :-)  You know the drill.  Sit back and enjoy this month’s issue.