October 2017 Diana Holiday


October 2017 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got the gorgeous Diana Holiday on this months cover.

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This year is just zooming by! October is already here and there’s a chilly feel in the air! While we love Summer, we do like it when that colder weather starts rolling in . Colder temperatures don’t affect us here at Delicious Dolls magazine. We have gorgeous, smoking hot pinup gals from around the world to keep the chill away!
Just check out this months cover girl! Diana Holiday is a first time DD cover girl and we have a feeling it may not be the last! She was shot by the super talented Tony Klintasp. Don’t miss her interview in this months issue!
We’ve got a few interesting articles this month. Electra Lashes feeds our monthly Fetish cravings with her column The Fetish Files. This months topic. . . stockings. Oh yes we’re listening! We’ve got a few spotlights in this issue. The first is on the Russian pinup group The Bloody Cherries. We also highlight the U.S. pinup group The Luscious Ladies. Both definitely good reading!
And in between all that good reading. . . gorgeous pinup gals from around the world to satisfy your cravings for bullet bras, cuban heel stockings, and everything retro! Enjoy….