October 2016 SE Halloween Stephie Danger


Delicious Dolls Magazine October 2016 Special Edition Halloween Issue is here! We’ve got modern alternative pinup Stephie Danger on this months cover.  This is definitely a must have special edition issue.



Oh yes. . . . .October is here.  And with it comes the best holiday of the year, Halloween!!  This has got to be the most popular holiday for pinup gals.   We get overwhelmed with submissions each year for the Halloween issue.  We’re not complaining mind you.  We just hate that we sometimes can’t get them all in the issue!

Pinup gals get creative come Halloween submission time.  And this year is no exception!  From creepy nurses, to Frankenstein pinups, to naughty witches, we’ve got them all this year!

This month’s cover gal is DD Promo model Stephie Danger.  She shot a super sexy Velma ( from Scooby Doo) set that we just fell in love with.  We’ve all seen Scooby Doo and while a lot of us remember Daphne.  Those who know, always thought Velma was the sexiest nerd!  Stephie Danger brings Velma to life for her set and I must say the nerd in us all is going to be very appreciative.  Who knew Velma had that side to her?!  We did 🙂

Don’t miss this month’s articles either!  Dianna Prince lets us know why Halloween is the sexiest holiday of the year in her column “Pinup Talk.”.  Belle Presley gives us her October list of pinup essentials in her column “Some of My Favorite Things.”.

We are loving this issue!  We know you will too.  Thank you, our fans, for the continued support both for the purchase of this magazine as well as your support on social media.  We do this for you guys and gals.  You know the drill.  Find your favorite chair, open up your favorite beverage, and jump right in to this month issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  Just be careful to read this during the day.  We’re not sure what might go bump in the night.  Enjoy….