November 2017 Mel


November 2017 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got the gorgeous Mel on this months cover.

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Wow!  Where has this year gone! November is here which means 2017 is about to exit!  This was probably one of the fastest and craziest years on record for us!  Well let’s be honest it was a crazy year worldwide really.  There was lots of good and bad in 2017.  It was definitely one for the record books. But one thing was definitely consistent.  And that was pinup enthusiasts from around the world continued to grow this wonderful pinup industry.  We continue to see new faces emerge in the pinup world as well as new businesses.  We see lots of great new magazines starting up.  We love seeing that growth and interest in the pinup and rockabilly industry.  Well our November issue is a good one.  We’ve got first time DD cover gal Mel on our cover this month.  She was shot by Atomic City Photography.  We absolutely loved this cute and sexy set they submitted.  If you’re a fan of all things Fetish. . make sure to read this month’s Fetish Files.   This month’s topic is Swinging. . and we ain’t talking dancing. :-)  It’s a fun, kinky read for our more adventurous fans.  As always, enjoy…..