November 2016 Moorea Moonbeam


November 2016 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got the gorgeous Moorea Moonbeam on this months cover.

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November is already here!  Where has this year gone so fast?!  We had an awesome year of pinup goodness and we’re heading in strong to 2017 looking to have a bigger and better year!

But let’s not forget we have two months to go in 2016.  And with it, pages and pages full of modern day pinup sexy!  We first saw this month’s cover model Moorea Moonbeam on Instagram.  She had a great modern day, alternative, pinup look, and we knew we had to get her in our magazine.  She submitted a beautiful alternative pinup set shot by the super talented Kat Attack Photography.  This gal is mesmerizing.  Just wait and see 🙂

Catch up on your reading also with our editorial on the Northern Roundup car show and  pinup pageant.  Don’t miss Belle Presley’s My Favorite Thing’s for some tips on modern day pinup must haves!  We also feature a beautiful artist, both in her work and in person, known as Kinky Karrot.  You’re going to love her art work.   You know the drill.  Sit back, relax, and let’s see what pinup goodness awaits us this month.  Enjoy…..