May 2015 SE Military Melissa Jean / Sushii Xhyvette


Delicious Dolls Magazine May 2015 SE Military issue with 48 pages featuring retro cover gal Sushii Xhyvette & modern cover gal Melissa Jean. The perfect theme to express today’s modern pinup gals support for our armed forces and military veterans.



The Military Issue…This has to be our fan favorite issue. We have so many requests for this issue every year. We feel it’s incumbent upon us to put together one of the best issues of the year with great content to include some of the sexiest pinup gals out there today. And this year is no exception!

The ladies who submitted this year are a feast for the senses! Beautiful modern day pinup gals showing their support for today’s armed forces. Can you think of a better way to show your support?! We know we can’t! These gals went all out and put together some amazing sets for an issue that I know you’ll want to have in your Delicious Dolls Magazine collection.

We have two first time cover models this month in Sushii Xhyvette and Melissa Jean. Sushii was shot by DD official photographer Don Cross. We never knew camouflage could look so good. This is one gal we know you’ll want next to you in the trenches! With a body to kill for and looks to match, Sushii give us a set we won’t soon forget!

Melissa Jean was shot by the super talented Fred Kopf from F2K Photography. They shot a set that makes you proud to be an American!

We’ve also included an editorial feature Pinup: The Love Affair Continues. A great article by Candy Cocktail detailing why even in today’s modern age of overt sexuality in the modeling industry (sex sells as we all know), we still have an ongoing love for the art of true pinup and pinup tease. Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas got it right. A great pinup tease shot can stand the test of time. . . . .

So sit back, grab your favorite beverage or two, and enjoy this month’s issue. If you are a true pinup lover, or an avid supporter of our armed forces, we got it all for you this month. Enjoy. . .