March 2017 SE Stocking Peek Fresh Inkdoll


Delicious Dolls Magazine March 2017 Special Edition Stocking Peek Issue is here! We’ve got first time DD cover gal Fresh Inkdoll gracing the cover this month.  This is definitely a must have special edition issue!



Who doesn’t love a good stocking peek tease shot?  Catching a glimpse of garter belt on a well dressed gal is about as sexy as it gets.   Gil Elvgren saw it back in the day (pun fully intended).  He brought it to the mainstream in his pinup paintings of the 40’s and 50’s.  They were a staple in most of his paintings.   It is the epitome of femininity, and a little naughty.
We’re just thankful it’s caught on in today’s modern pinup culture as well!  Every modern day pinup gal has to have at least a few gorgeous stocking peek images in her portfolio.  We love the look so much, we dedicated an entire issue to them!
This month’s cover gal did it to perfection.  Fresh Inkdoll shot a gorgeous stocking peek set with Hellcat A-Go-Go Studios that is tease perfection!  We think you’ll agree.  But that’s just the beginning.  This whole issue will satisfy your cravings for retro and modern pinup tease like no other.  We hope you’re sitting down for this one.  Enjoy….