March 2015 SE Naughty Housewives - Frenchie L'Amour Cover
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March 2015 SE Naughty Housewife Frenchie L’Amour / Chelsea Chase


Delicious Dolls Magazine March 2015 SE Naughty Housewife with 48 pages featuring retro cover gal Frenchie L’Amour & modern cover gal Chelsea Chase. There is no better
theme that encompasses 1940’s conservative, yet sexy all in one, and today’s modern pinup gals know how to bring this to life.


Product Description

Naughty Housewife Goodness. . .

Gil Elvgren saw it back in the 1940’s. . . .

How some of the most conservative looking ladies could have another side to them. . . a sexier side that maybe didn’t come out too often, but was definitely there ready to play. He was able to capture that “other side” in his gorgeous paintings. And to this day, they still remain the benchmark look which all pinup gals since have strived to achieve. The Naughty Housewife, she’s the gal you dream about. The conservative gal with the inner vixen. You know her when you meet her. She has that coquettish smile, that sideways glance, she offers that tiny peek of stocking we all love. Always a lady when need be. . . but a playful, sexy and confident vixen behind closed doors. There’s nothing better. So we knew we had to dedicate an issue to this theme. . .Naughty Housewives. There is no better theme that encompasses 1940’s conservative, yet sexy all in one. And todays modern pinup gals know how to bring to life their own modern day interpretation of this classic imagery. Trust us when we say, WOW! 🙂  You only need to look no further than our two first time cover gals. Our first is Frenchie L’Amour. A gorgeous UK pinup who’s got the look, the attitude, and the inner vixen to make it big in the modern pinup industry. She was shot by Si at the Pinup Academy. We love this set! Our second cover gal is Chelsea Chase who brought to life the perfect modern Naughty Housewife in her great photo set shot by Michael Maze. I think we’ve all had that dream at some point in time. Chelsea proves that dreams can come true. So sit back, relax, and take your time to enjoy this month’s issue. There’s no rush. . . . take in all the modern pinup goodness of this month’s issue. Enjoy. . . .