June 2018 Becky Holt


June 2018 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got the gorgeous Becky Holt on this months cover.

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The June issue is here! And just like that, we’re halfway into 2018! Wow! How fast is this year going by?! We’re not complaining mind you, because we’re just seeing so many gorgeous submissions this year. There are just so many talented photographers, models and muah artists doing their thing. We’re loving 2018 that’s for sure!
This month we’ve got a gorgeous cover with Becky Holt as shot by Vamp by Dollhouse. Dollhouse always brings their “A” game and this cover is no exception!
We’ve got a really interesting editorial this month in our Fetish files section. Have you ever wondered about the Mile High Club? What exactly it takes to join this exclusive club? Well now we give you a few handy tips for our more adventurous readers to give it a shot! Be careful out there when flying the friendly skies!
Summer is upon us and we know that only means sexy little pinup gals wearing less and less to try to keep cool. It’s gonna be one hell of a Summer we think. Enjoy….