July 2015 Tish Marie / Jessamyne Rose


July 2015 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  Two great covers with Tish Marie and Jessamyne Rose.

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Summer’s here and it’s a hot one! We thought we’d do our part to make it just a little bit hotter. The July issue of Delicious Dolls magazine definitely added a few degrees to the thermostat!

We do love these summer months. Car show season is in full swing, and the modern pinup gals are out and about wearing their summer sexy best to beat the heat. We couldn’t be happier! There’s nothing better than hitting a local car show and watching all these gorgeous pinup gals dressed in their sexy short shorts or summer dresses trying to stay cool. Gotta love it.

Our July issue is just going to add to the heat. We apologize ahead of time for any hot flashes you might experience. We promise, they’ll definitely be worth it. Enjoy this month’s band spotlight on Rocket 88 by Scarlette Saintclair, or take a peek at Haili Hughes “Keep it Positive” column in this month “Goodness had Nothing To Do With It.” We have a little something for everyone’s tastes this month. Whether you like retro, modern, alternative, or any other genre of pinup; we got that. So sit back and grab a cold one. . . you’re gonna need it.

We have two first time cover gals this month in Tish Marie and Jessamyne Rose. Both shot some smoking hot sets we know you’re going to love. Tish teamed up with Rob Gamez to shoot a great country-gal themed set we just fell in love with. We think you’ll enjoy it as well. Jessamyne teamed up with the uber-talented Jellyfish Jones for a beautiful modern set that just blew us away. Plus we also have some beautiful sets from so many new faces. Seems like the industry just keeps growing and growing. We get new submissions every week, and half the time, it’s new pinup gals we haven’t seen before. Gotta love that! So sit back and enjoy the July issue of Delicious Dolls magazine. They just keep getting better and better. Thanks to all of you who continue to support us month after month on our FB page and with purchases of the magazine. We greatly appreciate you all! Enjoy. . . .