January 2017 SE Tattoo Luna Marie


Delicious Dolls Magazine January 2017 Special Edition Tattoo Issue is here! We’ve got a first time DD cover girl in Luna Marie this month.  This is definitely a must have special edition issue.



Pinup’s and tattoo’s, while they have not always gone hand in hand, they are now mainstream and here to stay!

It was only a matter of time before you began to see more and more tattooed pinup gals hit the mainstream.  While tattoo’s have always been prevalent in the rockabilly culture, they slowly worked their way into other genres of pinup.  Now you see tattooed gals shooting just about any genre of pinup imaginable.  We’re not complaining one bit!

Well done tattoo’s on a beautiful pinup gal adds a gorgeous colorful touch to the set that can’t be denied.  It’s artistic, beautiful, and cutting edge.  All variables we just love in a pinup styled image!

This month we have a first time cover girl in Luna Marie.  She was shot by Sveinn Photography.  Now this gal has some gorgeous ink!  Her pool side set was perfect for our cover.  Check out her interview as well, it’s a fun read.

In this issue we’ve got some Tattoo Artist Spotlights for Jay Joree, Kristopher Geer, Chris Bowen, Beth Rockmore, and Tina Marabito.  They highlight some of their gorgeous work and style.

If you love tattooed pinup gals, then this is the issue for you!  Grab your copy today and enjoy these gorgeous tattooed pinup gals at their sexy best.  You know the drill.  Open up the latest issue of DD Magazine and enjoy…..