February 2017 SE Hot Rides Stephie Danger


Delicious Dolls Magazine February 2017 Special Edition Hot Rides Issue is here! We’ve got DD promo model Stephie Danger gracing the cover this month.  This is definitely a must have special edition issue!



You can paint this picture anyway you want…….If you come cruising down the street in a sweet hot rod, the gals heads are gonna turn.  Gals love hot rides!  It’s not rocket science.  The growl of a powerful motor makes everyone take notice!
Hot rides are embedded into the pinup and rockabilly culture.  Car shows are the cornerstone of any pinup scene around the world.  So we knew this theme would be a popular one.  So popular, we’re doing two Hot Rides issues this year for the fans!
This month’s cover gal you know well.  She’s one of our new promotional models for 2017.  Stephie Danger rocked this car shoot with Soliz Images.  Once we saw these images, we knew we had the cover for the first Hot Rides issue.  You pair Stephie with a hot rod and magic will happen!
We want to give a big thank you to Pinnacle Refinish for the location.  Calaveras Car Club for the sweet rides used in the shoot.  And Truck owner Mark “Big Mark” Joseph for the killer truck on the cover.
If you’re a car lover and a pinup fan, you are going to love this issue!  It’s the first of two car issues this year.  So you can warm up with this one while you wait for the next.  Enjoy…..