February 2015 SE Valentines Kristina Detox / Cara Mia


Delicious Dolls Magazine February 2015 SE Valentines issue with 56 pages is here featuring cover gals Cara Mia & Kristina Deetox.



February is here. . .and with it comes that day we all love. . . .Valentine’s Day. A day synonymous with love, romance, and gorgeous gals feeling their sexy, and frisky best! There’s no better way to celebrate this day than with a special edition issue dedicated to Valentine’s Day spreads! And today’s modern pinup gals did not disappoint!
We received so many great Valentine’s Day themed sets we just had to dedicate an entire issue to them again this year! These pretty little gals put on their sexy best and gave us the chance to showcase them this month. And showcase we must!
We can start with this months two sizzling hot cover gals. Both of our cover gals nailed the sets with unique and colorful images!
Our first cover gal is certainly not a newcomer to pin-up and alternative modeling, but has her first cover with DD this month – the super sleek and sexy, Kristina DeeTox. Her candy set is sure to melt in your mouth!
Cara Mia and Le Mew Photography teamed up to create a unique and vibrant set you won’t want to miss! They put together a cute and sexy latex inspired set that just oozed with Valentine goodness. We know you won’t be disappointed.
But we’re just getting started! We also showcase some of the most gorgeous modern pinup gals in the industry. We have Keara Darling, Flossie Carmichael, Josie Fox, Erin Micklow, Dianna Prince, Raquel Ravish, Vivian Rouge, Scarlette Saintclair, Lisa Leopard and more!
So sit back, get comfy, snuggle with your loved one, and enjoy this months Valentine’s Issue from Delicious Dolls. We know you won’t be disappointed and you can thank us later 🙂 Enjoy. . . .