December 2015 Keara Darling / Delicious Ruckus


December 2015 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got two great covers with Keara Darling on our retro cover, and Delicious Ruckus on our modern cover.

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What a great year this has been! Our continued thanks and appreciation goes out to all our new and old friends who have stuck with us over the years. Even though 2015 has seen significant growth and challenges, it’s because of you we remain as excited today as the day we launched DD Magazine back in 2011.

You’re why we continue to bring you two issues of pinup sexy goodness every month. You guys love these modern day pinup gals and we love to showcase them. We love the culture, the industry, and everything about pinup. It embraces women of all sizes and age. There’s something sexy about every woman, and pinup allows ladies to get in touch with their inner vixen and let their sexy side shine through. It brings a sense of self confidence and acceptance that every lady should feel and embrace. Every gal deserves to be a pinup for a day.

From the professional burlesque queen, to the first time shoot with the girl next door, we have a little bit of everything for today’s pinup fans. How great is it to see that every day gal, dolled up, and looking her sexy best?! We know we love it!

We’ve got two great cover gals this month. Our first is the gorgeous and sultry Delicious Ruckus. We shot with this gal in Colorado earlier this year and her outfit was pure perfection. Team that up with some awesome rides and well, you be the judge. Pure pinup sexy perfection!

Our second cover gal is the beautiful Keara Darling. We were able to put together a shoot at a gorgeous soda shop location. Keara put together a few awesome wardrobe ideas and we had our cover shot! The perfect mix of 50’s girl next door, and gorgeous vixen all in one. We know you’re going to love the set.

We’ve got a great editorial piece from Cracker Jack Doll for those gals thinking of doing your first pinup photo shoot. She gives out some great tips and tricks as well as things to watch for before that big day! Great reading for those new pinup gals.

Belle Presley provides some quick recommendations for some must have items for every pinup gal! Definitely check it out! Lots of cool stuff this month. You know the drill. Sit back, relax and enjoy…..