August 2018 SE Nerd Girl Cosplay


Delicious Dolls Magazine August 2018 Nerd Girl/Cosplay Issue is here! We’ve got the gorgeous Tara Cosplay gracing our cover this month.  A great collectors issue for our fans!!  This is definitely a must have special edition issue!



The August Nerd Girl/Cosplay issue is here! It’s one of our biggest selling issues of the year. We can definitely see why! Our pinup fans just love them some nerdy girls!
The world of Cosplay is HUGE! We had no idea until we did our first Nerd Girl/Cosplay issue in 2017. That issue sold like hotcakes! We knew then we would add it to our yearly theme rotation. This year we knew we had to find the perfect gal for the cover. We knew who we wanted. She is a big hit on social media and her cosplay wardrobe is always on point! We’ve been following this lady for years now and knew she had to be on our Nerd Girl/Cosplay cover. The best part…..she’s a real life nerd! 🙂
This issue’s cover girl is none other than Tara Cosplay. She was shot by the super talented The Photo Owl. We loved her submission so much we gave her a 10 page feature! You can thank us later.
But she’s just one of dozens of sexy cosplay and nerdy girls who submitted for this issue. If you’re a fan of geek girls, this issue is for you! Enjoy….