August 2015 Tracy Fant / Tina Reshelle


August 2015 Regular issue of Delicious Dolls magazine.  We’ve got two great covers with Tracy Fant and Tina Reshelle.

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The August Issue of Delicious Dolls Magazine is here! We’ve got some gorgeous pinup gals in sizzling summer swimsuits, sultry boudoir sets with no shortage of pretty pinup attire, and they’re all 100% sexy and retrolicious!   Like we love to say. . “Delicious Dolls, Yeah We Got Em….”

Besides all the gorgeous pin-up gals, we have a new column this month by the talented Cracker Jack Doll called The Inside Look… This is gonna be good! Haili Hughes also reminds us how awesome it can be to “Lose Yourself in Books.” This month our Photographer Spotlight showcases the talents of Sveinn Photography and makes us ask the question: “Where do you find all these gorgeous gals to shoot, Sveinn?” Maybe he’ll tell us his secret! 🙂

We’ve got two fabulously delicious cover gals this month in Tracy Fant and Tina Reshelle. Both have been on our cover before and for good reason! Tracy shot with the talented Sharna Lee to bring us a super cute and sexy soda shop set that we just had to have. They captured the essence of the 50’s to perfection.   Tina Reshelle shot with our own Soliz Images in Dallas, Texas. Tina was headed to Texas on a family trip and we got lucky enough to schedule her in a photo shoot and we hit the jackpot! We shot a gorgeous, sultry and sexy boudoir set that we know our fans are going to love!

Speaking of fans! Our facebook page has literally blown up over the past few months with new fans and we are indeed humbled by the support you guys have shown us. We are forever appreciative and grateful for the wonderful people and fans who have helped us on this crazy journey.   The magazine continues to grow, the sales continue to increase, we get more and more business related requests and promotional requests every month. We have been truly blessed with it all.

We will continue to work hard to get you guys, our fans, a top quality pinup magazine month after month. There’s so many talented and professional models and photographers in this industry that deserve a platform to be showcased. Be it beginners or established, we will provide that platform for everyone.

Summer is in full swing. . .it’s hot. If you don’t mind a little more heat, by all means open up this issue of DD Magazine. And remember, we warned ya. 🙂 Enjoy. . .