April 2018 SE Spicy Sheer Ally Hilton


Delicious Dolls Magazine April 2018 Spicy Sheer Issue is here! We’ve got the gorgeous Ally Hilton gracing our cover this month.  A great collectors issue for our fans!!  This is definitely a must have special edition issue!



Our second Spicy issue of 2018 is here! And let me tell you they are going to get hotter and hotter as they drop!
There’s something about sheer wardrobe that just works so well with the concept of pinup tease. It’s sexy, provocative, and yes even risqué. But it leaves just that last little bit to the imagination. . . . And that last little bit can go a long way! We love the theme! So we dedicated an issue to it. Today’s modern pinup gals show you their interpretation of sheer perfection.
We have a first time cover girl this month. Ally Hilton dropped by our studio for a pinup set and we knew after the first few clicks, we had a new cover gal! Ally just fell into the pinup style with the ease and sexy grace that’s hard to ignore. We think you’ll agree, she did the sheer theme to perfection!
And that’s just the beginning. We’ve got page after page of sexy sheer pinup goodness. This one will be a collectors issue for sure! You know the drill. Find that favorite sitting spot, grab your favorite beverage, and open up your favorite pinup magazine. Enjoy…..