April 2017 SE Nerd Girl Cosplay Stephie Danger


Delicious Dolls Magazine April 2017 Special Edition Nerd Girl Cosplay Issue is here! It’s a MEGA issue with 72 pages of Nerd Girl and Cosplay sexy goodness!  We’ve got real life nerd girl Stephie Danger gracing the cover this month.  This is definitely a must have special edition issue!



Well here it is, the 2017 Delicious Dolls Nerd Girl Cosplay Issue.  We weren’t sure how the submissions would do for a cosplay issue but we were pleasantly surprised at the huge amount of submissions we received!  Apparently a lot of our fans and pinup gals are avid cosplayers as well!
We had no idea how huge the cosplay scene really was.  But trust me we know now!  But this issue is not just cosplay.  We also have page after page of Nerd Girl sexiness to go along with the sexy and creative cosplay.  From sexy school girls, to gamer girls, to just about anything and everything geek sexy!
You just have to check out our cover girl this issue.  She’s a real life Nerd girl and gamer in DD Promo model Stephie Danger!  She even brought her own props to the shoot.  This gal is nerdy perfection!
We absolutely love this issue.  We know you will too!  So go grab your drink of choice, turn off that video game, and partake in the 2017 DD Nerd Girl Cosplay issue.   Enjoy……